Zoho RouteIQ route mapping for Zoho CRM

Now that you have imported all of your accounts and contact details into Zoho CRM like most sales organisations you might like to go and physically meet with your customers. But what is the most efficient physical path to do that? Zoho have recently introduced a new product to their lineup called Zoho RouteIQ a complete mapping and routing solution that can be integrated directly into Zoho CRM.

Zoho RouteIQ allows you to map and rout the most efficient physical path for basically any of the modules you have with inside CRM. For example, let’s say you have a bunch of accounts in New York City. You can create a view of these accounts within Zoho CRM and select this view from within Zoho RouteIQ and have the RouteIQ determine the best physical route based on location and predicted traffic at the given time. There is also an application that allows you to do the same thing directly from your smart phone. You can select the Accounts, Contacts or basically any Zoho CRM record you would like to map, your exact starting location and determine which is the best path to take.

Zoho RouteIQ is perfect for sales organisations that are looking to manage their field sales team efficiently it can also be utilised for field service teams that are looking to streamline the routes taken by field technicians take to complete daily jobs.

This video below provides a quick demonstration of just how powerful and helpful Zoho RouteIQ is. Contact us if you would like help implementing the solution into your Zoho CRM environment.