Field Service Management

for Zoho CRM

You can do more with Zoho CRM than manage your sales team.

LogixOne Operator is a fully featured – Field Service Management solution that can completely digitally transform your field service business.

Customers today expect more from their service providers. The use of paper-based task tracking and other disconnected services not only increases risk but impact negatively on the company’s brand awareness.

Digitize your Field Services Team

Improve performance of your field service management business by digitally connecting your field service technicians, operators, plumbers, cleaners or any field staff to jobs created within Zoho CRM.

Features at a glance


Create quotes from Accounts, Contacts and service catalogue using native Zoho CRM tools that can turned into jobs at the click of a button.

Live Mapping

Geographically map daily jobs, accounts and contacts, live operator location and operator movement history.

Automatic Invoicing

Automate invoice creation immediately after job completion calculating job completion information such as: Time to complete, job complete location, customer signature, job images and more.

Job Scheduling

Schedule jobs to individual or Multi operators using advanced search capability and automatic job event creation.

Two-way Messaging

Send receive automatic SMS, WhatsApps and Telegram messages based on customisable workflow triggers.  see LogixOne Chat ‘Available at an additional cost

Field Service Application

Advanced field service application provides field operators with live job information and the ability to check-in and complete daily jobs, available in both Android and iOS. Learn More

Sign on Glass

Allow customers to sign on-site job completion within LogixOne Operator Field Service Application.


Leverage the native power of Zoho CRM by Customise the entire environment to meet your company’s specific workflow needs.

Dynamic Calendars

Two different colour coded calendars: Timeline and Calendar view each enables drag-and-drop functionality modifying job times, transfer between Operators and more.

Advanced Automation

Automate basically any part of the workflow to further build in efficiencies directly into the platform.

Multi Operator

Assign Jobs to either a single or Multiple Operators enabling multiple Team members to complete Jobs.

Job Attachments

Upload attachments such as plans, entry permits or images either from CRM or App.

Operator Log

Track and log all Operator movements on a daily basis and export to Spreadsheet or import into existing payroll system.

Third-party Integration

Integrate into third-party software applications such as Zoho Books, Xero and MYOB.

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time reporting by leveraging Zoho CRM Analytics and dashboards.

For a ‘Complete’ list of features click here.


Logixone Operator is designed for any business that has field service staff.



Home Maintenance









Quality control

Mobile Mechanics

Personal Training

Waste Management

Simplify the process of job allocation from within Zoho CRM

LogixOne Operator leverges the customasation and flexibility of Zoho CRM to enable you to achieve 100% digital transformation.

Create Jobs

By Ieveraging the power of Zoho CRM you can create Jobs from quotes and select items form the native ‘products’ module. Job events can be ‘one-time’ or reoccuring.

Select Field Operators

‘Automatically’ select the most appropriate operator for the job and its events are then assigned.

Complete Jobs

Operators receive job information to their smart device which includes all necessary data to complete. Operator completes and customer invoice is automatically produced within Zoho CRM.

Remove Complexity

Instantly send jobs to your Field Service Operators using the dedicated Android LogixOne Operator App.

The LogixOne Operator application is specifically designed to put the information that your field service team need to complete and record their daily jobs in the palm of their hands.

LogixOne Operator is both Android and iOS ready providing you flexibility in hardware.


LogixOne Console – Advanced Job Management within Zoho CRM

Integrated directly into Zoho CRM LogixOne Scheduler provides administration team ability to allocate and scheduled jobs instantaneously to field service operators.

Field Service App – Digital job cards

Provides field service operators with all of their daily job requirements and job information.

It also enables job completion and synchronisation to LogixOne for Zoho CRM as well as enables LIVE job and GEO tracking.


Android and iOS ready    

Leverage Zoho CRM to Do More.

Given that LogixOne Operator is tightly integrated into Zoho CRM means you can create even more efficiencies within your business by leveraging Zoho CRM’s advanced tools such as reporting and dashboarding.  Create dynamic dashboards that provide daily |weekly | monthly dashboards that enable you to manage your field service business the way you want.

Full Automation

LogixOne Operator combined with Zoho CRM is the ultimate business management solution for your field service businesses.  The combination of the two means you get to manage your entire business from a single business management solution but also you can leverage Zoho CRM’s industry leading, simply to use Automation features to remove simple tasks from your staff have them completed by the CRM 24 x 7.  Send notifications, update fields, schedule tasks and more can all be achieved within your Zoho CRM environment.

Feature List

Zoho CRM Plug-In adds advanced functionality to you existing Zoho CRM environment.LogixOne Operator App – Put the information your field service team in the palm of their hands while receiving live job and location updates.
SIMPLE Job Scheduling – Either click a time slot or create a Job from native Zoho CRM module based on time, date, reoccurrence and operator.Check-in – Force operators to start jobs by checking in capturing location and time stamp.
Timeline – Graphical Colour Coded Calendar – Visualise Jobs based on Operator horizontally, drag and drop jobs, change times, edit jobs and transfer jobs between operators.Notify admin team to follow-up on job.
Calendar – Graphical Colour Coded Calendar – view, view jobs based on calendar day | week | month, transfer jobs between days and time, change job details, re-assign jobs and more.Contact associated contact via device mobile phone service.
Automatic Job Assignment – Automatically assign operators to jobs based on job location and availability.View Daily | 2 week | Month Jobs – allow operators to view upcoming schedule.
Single Zoho CRM Licence – Create multiple Operators using the one Zoho CRM Lic.Navigate to Jobs – click for navigation.
Job Time Tracking – Get time to complete information on every job.View Service Items – View the service items to be completed.
Notification Methods – select how you would like to notify customer of job creation or job events.‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ shifts – Force operators to start and stop shifts.
Invoicing – Automatically generate invoices upon job completion. (Native Zoho CRM module)Attach Pictures and Files – Operators can upload attachments from device either directly from camera of file store.
Access Job Information – link to native zCRM ‘Job’, Event and Invoice.Additional Items – Allow Operators (IF required) to add additional items with quantity and notes.
Get ‘Live’ job notificationsAuto Generate zCRM Invoices
Job Attachments – Upload documents such as permits, plans, images etc to each job and job.Attach Job Notes
Job notes – List detailed job notesSign On Glass – When required – Allow customer signatures
Customer Signature – Save customer signature within created Zoho CRM invoice.GEO Stamp Invoices – All created Zoho CRM invoices contain; Check-in time and location and Completed time and location.
Employee Database – Configure employee names within Zoho CRM and associate these to jobs.Allow field service techs to add service or product items to the job before completing the job.
LIVE Job Status – Get LIVE updates within calendar of jobs.Multi Operators can independently complete Jobs
Operator Filtering – filter by all operators or a selection of operators to simplify operator planning.
Links – Link directly to matching Job or Invoice details.
Allow admin team to update Jobs – Check-in and complete from within Zoho CRM.
Create Operators entering all operator information such as LogixOne App login details, contact details, Associated teams, Work Codes, email contact details and more
LogixOne Operator Mapping
LogixOne Maps – Geographical mapping of your events, accounts, contacts and LIVE OPERATOR tracking.
LIVE – Live mapping of your operators location and movement.
Filter by Job Events, Jobs, Accounts or Contacts – Choose to geographically see your daily job events or even your zCRM accounts and contacts.
Filter by Date – set any date, either past, present or future to geographically see your job events.
Filter by Date – set any date, either past, present or future to geographically see your job events.
Filter by Completion Status – Quickly see jobs that are either completed or not.
Accounts. Contacts, Jobs and Job events – Map your Zoho CRM accounts and Contacts.
Full Screen – View full screen map to display on large monitors
Show geographically Operator historical movements
LogixOne Operator Log
Log both ‘Check-in’ and completed time stamp.
Log Start and Stop Shift
Log location geographically
Export Log information to Spreadsheet


You don’t need a Zoho CRM Licence for your LogixOne Operators!!!

Simple pricing that leverages your investment in Zoho CRM. You don’t need Zoho CRM Licences for your field service Operators!! You could have (1) Zoho CRM Licence and 100’s of LogixOne Operators!!

When you install LogixOne Operator for Zoho CRM from the Zoho Marketplace you are provided with the full functionality (7) day trial of LogixOne Operator and 2 ‘Active’ operator.

To convert your free trial to a ‘paid’ subscription and add more ‘Active’ Operators please select from the items below. Once you have subscribed we shall activate the additional Operators within your environment. Please note that this can take up to 24hrs.

All prices are in US$ and do not include any local taxes and duties.

Optional Extras

  • SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram Integration

    Store and automate sending instant chat messages and respond within integrated User Interface. see more

  • Custom Configuration

    Assistance with install, further customisation and training.

  • Finance Integration

    Sync zCRM Invoices yo Zoho Books or Xero

  • Job to Invoice Consolidator

    Consolidate multiple Jobs into a single CRM invoice at the click of a button.


Need to integrate to 3rd party software providers, no problems. We can integrate to programs such as Zoho Books, Xero and MYOB just to name a few to complete your digital transformation.


Easily allow your admin team  to communicate and record with your customers by ‘Omnichannel’ instant chat using LogixOne Chat for Zoho CRM, an advanced chat tool that allows your Zoho CRM users to chat via multiple chat channels such as WhatsApp | Telegram |SMS and more.   Learn more


Live Demonstration

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How many licences do I need?

LogixOne Operator is priced on a per LogixOne Operator basis, AND YOU DO NOT NEED ANY ZOHO CRM LICENCES FOR EACH OPERATOR!!!

  • Zoho CRM Organisation – You only require (1) LogixOne Operator Licence per Zoho CRM environment.  You can allow ANY of your Zoho CRM users to access LogixOne Operator using the Zoho CRM native permissions.  There is no limit on how many of your Zoho CRM can access LogixOne Operator.
  • LogixOne Operators – We know its confusing but a LogixOne ‘Operator’ is an external operator.  A LogixOne Operator is someone that is able to access their Jobs via the LogixOne Operator app. A LogixOne Operator could be an employee such as ‘Personnel Trainer’ or ‘Field Tech’ or a resource such as a ‘cleaning truck’.  LogixOne Operators are configured within your Zoho CRM environment but can only access job information from the LogixOne Operator app.  You can create as many LogixOne Operators as your licence allows from within your existing Zoho CRM environment.  Theoretically you could have 1000’s of operators and only 1 Zoho CRM licence.

What is required to install LogixOne Operator for Zoho CRM?

To install LogixOne Operator within your Zoho CRM environment requires basically two things: The Zoho Marketplace plugin and a web-tab.  Once installed you can create Jobs and Assign Jobs to Operators, Operators access jobs from either the Android or iOS app.

Can I get a trial of LogixOne Operator within my Zoho CRM environment?

Yes! when you install LogixOne Operator for Zoho CRM from the Zoho Marketplace you shall receive a free (7) day trail.

We require additional configuration can we get assistance?

Yes!  We are here to help.  In addition to installation assistance we can provide additional configuration services to further fine tune your environment to meet your unique business needs.

Is the app available in both Android and Apple capable?

Yes! LogixOne Operator app is available for both Android and iOS.

Do my Operators have to use the Field Operator App?


Can LogixOne Operator cater for Multiple Operators?


What If I change my operators, can I delete them?

Yes – but we recommend you simply mark them as ‘in-active’, that will reduce your licence count and you can then create a new Operator to replace them.

Can I do automated reporting?

Yes – LogixOne Operator utilises Zoho CRM analytics, reporting and dashboard tools so you can create as many reports as you like, and we can help you.

Can we send attachments such as images and other links to the operator app?

Yes – you can attach job files to each job and insert URL links within each job description.

Can we do re-occurring Jobs?

Yes – you can create one-time or weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually and annual events.

Do you offer discounts for more Operators?

Yes – We have priced LogixOne Operator to become more cost effected the more Operators you have but we are willing to discuss pricing should you have a lot of Operators.  Also we offer 2 months free for annual purchases.

What about SMS integrations?

Yes – LogixOne Operator integrates with LogixOne Chat and can be utilised to automate sending and receiving SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram messages, please click here to learn more about LogixOne Chat.

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