Buyers Portal for Zoho CRM

LogixOne B2B Portal for Zoho CRM is designed to help you streamline and digitize the process of transacting orders from your ‘Business To Business’ or wholesale customers.

LogixOne B2B Portal for Zoho CRM ensures accuracy, simplicity and transparency in the transactions between your wholesale or B2B Customers and you Zoho CRM environment.

Digitization of transactions and communication has become a mandatory expectation from your dealers, suppliers, vendors and distributors and vice versa. In the supply chain industry, businesses have started minimizing human interaction from the traditional customer service days and are moving towards digital B2B interactions of product research, purchase and distribution. This includes effortless self-service facilities and quick access to key information on your products, processes and support.

Essentially, a digitized B2B relationship between businesses provides autonomy to all the parties involved and faster logistic solutions lead to cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies. LogixOne’s B2B Portal does exactly that – designed to digitize, simplify and automate your customers purchase orders, invoices, dealings and transactions with your clients. Our B2B portal for Zoho CRM aims to improve transparency in your business relationships to create a seamless partnership in the exchange of goods of services.

Core Capabilities of LogixOne B2B Portal:

01. Modern Digital Self-Service Experience:

Our B2B platform acts as a digital one-stop-shop for all your B2B customers with the power of self-service given to all your companies B2B Customers. It’s a single platform that provides support for complex product configurations and pricing catalogs and allows your sales team to create their customers B2B accounts in which orders can be place and managed directly into your Zoho CRM environment.

02. Real-time Insights:

LogixOne B2B Portal allows content and catalog management on a single platform with access to real-time data on order processing, order renewals, omnichannel fulfillment and more. This plus automation of inventory management is cost-effective without compromising on operational transparency and efficiency.

03. Multi-industry versatility:

LogixOne B2B Portal for Zoho CRM is designed to cater to businesses from multiple industries of different size, scale and ambition. At the crux of it, every business has partner relationships to maintain in order to plan and acquire resources for operations – LogixOne B2B Portal leverages your existing Zoho CRM  supply chain solution controlling your licencing costs plus centralising ALL transactional data.  The LogixOne B2B Portal can be also be further customised to meet your unique product/service and order processing requirements.

LogixOne B2B Portal Features

Multiple Shipping Addresses – Allow your individual B2B portal customers to create their own ‘Ship-To’ addresses within their own portals.  B2B Customers can then select different ‘Ship-To’ addresses for each order they place.  Selected ‘Shipping Details’ shall then be included on corresponding Zoho CRM Sales Order and Zoho Inventory Sales order.

Product Categories – Sort your Zoho CRM product items into categories and show these within the B2B portal allowing your B2B customers to easily find and select products to order.

Customer SKU’s – Enter your customers unique product SKU’s against each B2B Portal item.

Customizable Discounts – Select from a range of different discounting structures that you can pick and choose for each B2B Customer.

Incorporate Native ‘Price Books’ module – Associate accounts to Zoho CRM ‘Price Books’ for easy publishing of products within an account.

Tiered Pricing Discounts – Set pricing discounts based on product quantities ordered.  Eg. Order between 1 and 100 = 0%, order between 101 and 200 = 5% and so on.

Discount Groups – Create discount groups to more easily group your B2B Customers. Eg ‘Gold’ customers, get 25% off, ‘Sliver’ 15% and so on.

Revenue Discounts – Set pricing discounts based on total order revenue amount. Eg Order between $0 and $100 for 0% additional discount, order between $101 and $200 for 5% additional discount and so on.

Manual Discounts – Set manual portal prices for each B2B customer individually.

Multiple Product Images – Upload (5) different product images per item.

Document Synchronisation – Synchronise documents from the Zoho CRM Accounts module for each B2B Portal customer thereby ensuring any customer-specific documentation such as contracts are easily accessible.

Product Categories –  Organise products into ‘Product Categories allowing your customers to easily find the products they would like to order.

One-click Re-order – Allow your customer to order repeat orders easily with the click of a button.

Sync to Zoho Inventory/Books – Manually or Automatically synchronize Sales orders from Zoho CRM to Zoho Inventory and/or Zoho Books.

Leverage Zoho CRM Advanced Automation – Automatically respond to new orders with an email notification, send the sales team an email, send the customer a WhatsApp message, update other Zoho CRM fields can all be achieved by utilising your existing Zoho CRM Environment.

Portal Customisation – Utilise your unique company branding such as logos and colours and contact details.

Advanced Customisation – Given the B2B Portal now exists within your Zoho CRM environment you now have the ability to publish other Zoho CRM modules and their corresponding records to the B2B portal.  Eg link either a customised Zoho CRM module or the Zoho CRM ‘Cases’ module to allow B2B Accounts to place support tickets directly into your Zoho CRM environment – Please Note – Pricing available on request.

How It Works

Step 01 – Create or edit any Zoho CRM Account.

Sales team creates a new or edits an existing account to be configured for B2B Portal access within Zoho CRM. They can then fill in the details such as account name, contact number, payment method, address information, as they would for any other Zoho CRM Account.

Step 02 – Configure CRM Account for access to B2B Portal.

Once an Account is ticked for access to the ‘B2B Portal’  the sales team can then configure Items, login information, pricing discounts within the Zoho CRM Account record.  Once completed the B2B customers receives logon information and can now access their unique B2B portal complete with customised product catalogues and pricing.

Step 03 – Synchronise B2B portal at any time.

You can edit the pricing of the products according to agreed discounts and enter respective customer SKU’s anytime. Once done, click  the ‘Sync Products  to B2B Portal’ button on the top right corner.

Step 04 – Customer places orders from B2B Portal.

The customer will receive a welcome email  and can now access their unique B2B Portal,  view the products, check pricing discounts, review documentation and place orders.

Step 05 – Orders are received in Zoho CRM and/or Zoho Finance

Back within your Zoho CRM, new B2B Sales Orders automatically appears as a new  Zoho CRM ‘Sales Order’ – the respective employee can confirm the order status by selecting ‘Approved’ and this will reflect on your customers B2B Portal too.


Tailored Solutions.

Does your business need something different or you don’t fit the the plans detailed above?  That’s fine, please contact to discuss your unique requirements with our sales team.  In addition to tailored pricing we can perform advanced customisation to further create efficiencies in your business and maximise the return of Zoho CRM.

Here’s a detailed guide that shows you the inner-workings of LogixOne B2B Portal for Zoho CRM.

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