LogixOne Easy Quote for Zoho CRM

Quickly send digital Quotes to your Customers from within Zoho CRM.

LogixOne QuoteEasy for Zoho CRM is an essential extension available on the Zoho Marketplace, designed to streamline the quoting process within Zoho CRM. It enables users to effortlessly generate quotes using the native Zoho CRM Quote module and create a unique URL that can be shared with customers. This URL allows customers to open the quote in any web browser, view its details, sign, accept, and download it as a PDF document. Additionally, customers can make comments and send feedback directly back to the Zoho CRM environment, ensuring a seamless communication loop.


  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Generate and share quotes directly from Zoho CRM without needing additional tools or software, saving time and reducing complexity.
  2. Customer Convenience: Customers can view, sign, and accept quotes from any device with a web browser, making the process accessible and user-friendly.
  3. Seamless Communication: Customers can provide comments and feedback on the quote, which are directly sent back to Zoho CRM, ensuring clear and effective communication.
  4. Professional Presentation: The ability to download quotes as PDF documents ensures that customers receive professionally formatted and easily shareable quotes.
  5. Real-Time Updates: Receive instant notifications when customers view, sign, or comment on quotes, enabling timely follow-ups and updates.
  6. Improved Accuracy: Utilizing the native Zoho CRM Quote module minimizes errors and ensures consistency across all quotes generated.
  7. Increased Customer Engagement: The ease of accessing and interacting with quotes online can lead to higher customer satisfaction and quicker decision-making.
  8. Cost-Effective: By leveraging Zoho CRM’s existing infrastructure, there is no need for additional costly quoting software.