LogixOne Consolidator for Zoho CRM

Consolidate multiple Zoho CRM Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices into a single  record.

The LogixOne Consolidator By Clearscope Solutions is an invaluable tool for businesses using Zoho CRM. This feature enables users to combine or consolidate multiple; quotes, sales orders and invoices into a single Zoho CRM record by the click of a button.

Once installed each of the Zoho CRM ‘Quotes’, Sales Orders’ and ‘Invoices’ modules will now have an addition ‘Consolidate’ button.  Simply by selecting multiple records within each module and clicking this button will create a consolidated version of those records.

Using LogixOne Consolidator will save you time. By consolidating multiple inventory records into one, you won’t have to create individual invoices for each one, freeing up time for other important tasks.

If you’re looking for a tool to streamline your sales order consolidation process, LogixOne Consolidator by Clearscope Solutions is the perfect solution. It’s user-friendly and can help you save time and effort.