Our platform empowers your organization's employees
to interact daily through the single platform that features
well-integrated seamless 'automated' workflow.

LogixOne HR is a 'Start to Finish'
HR Management System.

LogixOne HRM allows employees to access, maintain and upgrade
their own involvement with the system.

Enable your HR staff
and management to control
all facets of employee

Suitable for all different types
of industries.

Compatible with a wide range of industries such as services,
retail, sales, logistics, hospitality and more. You can leverage
the power of LogixOne HR to get the best out of your workforce.

Maximize the efficiencies of both
in-office and work from home
employees alike.

LogixOne HR connects your home-based and remote workers
to one platform and system.

Consolidate ALL employee data
within the single platform.

LogixOne HR is an all-inclusive HR management platform
for a happier workforce.

  • Employee Management

    Managing employees is a complex round-the-clock job that requires seamless HR tools.

    ‌Digitize and simplify all aspects of employee management such as time sheets, leave management, shift scheduling, contracts and more in LogixOne HR’s streamlined HRMS platform. Our employee management feature is professionally designed to make day-to-day employee management operations effortless – increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

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  • Talent Acquisition

    Recruitment is a prominent part of HR when considering the challenge of hiring the best talent for your company.

    Simplify the entire recruitment process from job posting to on-boarding, so you can focus on acquiring the most promising talent. LogixOne HRM assists you with crucial aspects of recruitment such as contracts, documentation, Reference/Visa checks and more. Plus, with automated features such as interview scheduling and CV uploading, LogixOne HRM enhances the overall recruiter and candidate experience.

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  • Remote Working

    As the world continues turning towards remote working and work from home, employee management has never been more challenging.

    ‌LogixOne HRM provides a wide range of features that help manage employees across multiple locations from multiple devices. The remote employee access portal and smart device application enables remote task tracking and shift scheduling equalize the accountability of remote-working and in-office employees.

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  • Compliance and Regulations

    Compliance with government requirements on employee rights and compensation is an integral part of HR.

    LogixOne HR provides automated features at all levels of HR management to avoid financial, legal and reputational risks. Ensure that your HR department stays up-to-date with amendments made in government laws related to employee wages, work rights and welfare laws. Maintain a compliant workforce by effectively training your employees in matters of HR compliance and compliance risks.

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  • Incident Management

    The lack of proper Incident Management tools can cause operational, financial and health and safety risks.

    ‌LogixOne HR provides comprehensive incident management features that allow your employees to accurately record, investigate and correct any workplace or field incidents. Features such as incident images uploading and Geo-tracking improve the investigative and decision-making abilities of your employees and managers.

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  • Employee Self-Service

    Inadequate facilities for your employees to manage their tasks can disrupt operations and impact their satisfaction.

    LogixOne HR’s Staff-App allows your employees to participate actively in tracking, updating and communicating their activities from anywhere and on any device. It ensures that your company enjoys the benefits of having an informed, proactive and well-engaged workforce.

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  • Effective Time Tracking

    Inaccuracies in tracking employees’ work hours lead to payroll, attendance and performance inconsistencies.

    Time tracking features ensure accurate recording and tracking of working hours, whether in-office or remote, full-time or casual. Internal and external time recording features are integrated with the payroll system to ensure employees are accurately compensated.

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  • Training and Performance

    Training programs and performance reviews for your employees are important to boost quality of work and maintain morale.

    LogixOne HRM allows you manage the process and transform your employees into a powerful workforce that delivers quality, safety, timeliness and efficiency.  While performance reviews are ready out of the box, customizable training modules, performance reviews, rating scales and learning tools can be tailor-made according to your company’s needs.

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  • Customization

    The HRMS market is saturated with providers that offer minimal flexibility and a standard set of features to rely on.

    ‌LogixOne understands that every business is unique in its mission, ambition, nature and size and gives you the power to customize features according to your HR needs. Our features offer immense flexibility in its design and function – allowing your company to adopt what works best for you.

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  • Data security

    Recording and storing confidential employee data comes with concerns about data security and access permissions.

    ‌LogixOne HRM is meticulously designed with data security at its core, built on ISO 27001 platforms ensures all employee information is centralized and can be accessed by only those who have the approval.

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  • Cloud based

    The complexity of employee management brings different people together working towards one goal. It can be messy and uncoordinated resulting in increased employee and management costs.

    ‌LogixOne HRM is a Cloud-based HRMS – accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device – centralizing employee management processes in the most integrated, cost efficient and secure manner.

  • Information consolidation

    Your company’s Information needs to be effortlessly stored, managed and accessed on a singular platform.

    ‌LogixOne HRM is a ‘single platform’ cloud based HRMS that consolidates all business and employee information – accessible from anywhere, at any time.

About LogixOne HR

LogixOne HR is a fully integrated HRM (Human Resources Management System) that provides HR professionals and employees alike digital access to employee data and business process. There are (3) core components to LogixOne HR:

HR Manager

Backend employee data stored and managed by authorized personnel.
Provides tailored workflow and automation.

Employee Access

Web and APP based employee access.
Enables per employee to make system updates.

Careers Page

Online posting of open vacancies.
Online candidate application processing

Like Nothing You’ve Seen

Benefits of LogixOne HR

Centralize HR Data

Ensure employee data is maintained in a central database and not distributed across disconnected and ‘non-secure’ systems.

Manage HR Costs

Attendance tracking and leave management ensures accurate time sheets and wage calculation reducing wage creep from in-accurate time sheets.


Maintain compliance and regulatory obligations by managing employees performance and workplace safety effectively.


Reduce risk by centrally managing employee contracts, performance reviews and incidents.


Enables employee access from almost any connected device removing employee access obstacles.


Customise LogixOne HR to meet your company HR processes and workflow automation.

Products Highlights


Employee Management

Manage all facets of employee profiles.

Contract Management

Electronically assign template contracts.


Make it yours -Complete customization from HR manager to HR App.

Talent Acquisition

Process job applications and manage requirement.

Attendance Tracking

Track employee attendance via HR App.

Employee GEO Tracking

Track employee’s physical location and status.

Incident Management

Manage incidents ensuring compliance and legal obligations.

Leave Management

Process leave request from employee app and approve and track.

Performance Reviews

Manage employee performance and review process.

Payroll Calculation

Calculate employee payroll from attendance and leave tracking.

Shift Scheduling

Create various shifts and schedule for employees.

Advanced Reporting

Build dashboards, reports and meet company requirements

Document Management

Centrally store and distribute company documents.

Employee Self Service App

Enable employees to self-service from any device


Communicate via email, SMS, push-notifications


Upgrade LogixOne HR to provide both ERP and CRM capability.