Zoho CRM ‘Omnichannel’ ChatBox by LogixOne

Integrate Telegram, SMS and WhatsApp into your Zoho CRM environment!

LogixOne Chat by Clearscope Solutions consolidates messaging channels into your Zoho CRM. Your team can communicate with CRM Leads and Contacts via SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram, all within your Zoho CRM environment.

Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message and more channels to come!

WhatsApp and SMS require Twilio account.

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Consolidate your communications into a single shared ChatBox

LogixOne Chat consolidates all  ‘chat’ messages to and from your customers within Zoho CRM

Leveraged power of your Zoho CRM contacted lead data by centralising all customer conversations into the one ChatBox. Allow your Zoho CRM users to communicate effectively by the channels your customers choose.

Leverage Zoho CRM advanced workflow triggers that are quick and simple to create

LogixOne Chat consolidates & automates sending ‘chat’ messages to your customers

With LogixOne Chat by Clearscope Solutions, you can automate SMS for new orders, WhatsApp messages with unique meeting links for new leads, and Telegram messages for all customers with just one click. All messages are stored in the CRM for easy retrieval, and advanced reports can be generated for more efficient customer communications.

Please note!  That while you can install some of the components to run LogixOne Chat for Zoho CRM from the Zoho Marketplace, complete installation does require some further steps.  We strongly suggest that you use the demo request below to help us finailase your installation.

Feature List

  • Single Chat Console Monitor all chats from the one Zoho CRM ChatBox module.
  • Restricted Access Control which Zoho CRM users have access to LogixOne Chat.
  • Leads and Contacts Send and receive from either Zoho CRM Leads or Contacts records.
  • Multiple Chat Channels Connect to multiple chat channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram. “Facebook messenger and Instagram available End of Q1 – 2023.”
  • Time and Message Status Get message status, time stamps and user information instantly for every message.
  • Assign Chats Automatically assign new chats to contact or lead owner.
  • Attachments Send and receive attachments. (Capability depends on channel)
  • New Chat Respond Respond to unknown Leads.
  • Create New Leads – Create new CRM Lead from unknown chats.
  • Emoji’s See emoji’s in ‘Inbound’ messages.
  • Store Messages Link directly to each stored message record from every message.
  • Read/Unread Quickly see which messages have or ‘haven’t been responded to.
  • Comment Add; Notes, Tasks, Attachments to each chat record and mention other Zoho CRM users.
  • Filters Filter chats based on contact name, message type and Zoho CRM user.
  • Quick Links Link directly to ‘Contact’ or ‘Lead’ within chat tool.
  • New Message Create new messages directly from within chat tool.
  • Single Chat View See all messages related to each ‘Contact’ or ‘Lead’.
  • Out-Of-Office – Simply interface for ‘Out-of-Office’ automatic responses.
  • Message Automation Send automated messages via any channel using advanced CRM automation.
  • Templates Create template messages for easy response by operators and simplify WhatsApp session creation templates.
  • Auto Responders Setup multiple auto-responders based on complicated workflows.
  • Website Plugin Simplify customer interaction with website ‘contact us’ plugin
  • Report Leverage the power of Zoho CRM Dashboarding and Reports to getter better insight into your communications.
  • Mass Message Send bulk messages based on channel.

Business Needs

Effective communication with customers is more important than ever, but it can also be challenging. Email is becoming less reliable, and customers use a variety of platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more. Read more…


Built directly into your existing Zoho CRM environment, LogixOne Chat enables all your chosen Zoho CRM users to send and receive messages using your company owned, chat channels. Read more…


  • Instantly respond to new customer inquiries via the customer’s desired chat channel.
  • Respond to inbound customer messages quickly using the instant chat feature built directly into Zoho CRM.
  • Ensure all internal users are sending messages via company chat accounts.
  • Store all messages by any chat channel for reporting and historical reference.
  • Connect to multiple chat channels from the one Zoho CRM environment.
  • Create complex automated workflows to reduce the amount of employee interaction.
  • Allow customers to choose which chat channel they wish to be communicated with on.
  • Leverage the ‘Status’ updates within each message (based on chat channel) to make better decisions about individual customer behaviour.
  • Run Zoho CRM native reports to gain unique insight into your client communications.

ChatBox – Your Integrated Zoho CRM Chat Console

LogixOne ChatBox, tightly integrated with Zoho CRM, simplifies communication by providing a single window for all chats, including SMS, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Agents can quickly respond to customer inquiries and post-sales support questions, while messages are attached to known Zoho CRM contacts and leads. With advanced filters, agents can easily search for chats from different contacts and even create leads directly from the chatbox.

LogixOne ChatBox is also equipped with a template feature to ensure that WhatsApp template messages are sent correctly. Overall, LogixOne ChatBox makes responding to chats from multiple channels more efficient, improving the customer experience and staff productivity.

RecordChat – Chat Individually to Leads and Contacts.

Your Zoho CRM now not only stores contact and lead emails, orders, invoices, meetings, jobs, etc it now stores all WhatsApp, SMS and Telegram chats too. This means that you can quickly open a Zoho CRM ‘Lead’ or ‘Contact’ and carry on chatting with that contact.  Now you can see all of your previous messages and respond to them storing all of the message data within your CRM.

Being able to chat within the Lead or Contact record means Agents have quick access to other customer details such as previous quotes or invoices.  In addition basically all of the features that exist within the ChatBox console exist within RecordChat, such as; Templates, filters, etc.

LogixOne Chat for Zoho CRM Pricing

Simple Pricing that leverages your investment in Zoho CRM





Pricing Notes

All Pricing is quoted in US$ and ex ANY Taxes

How does LogixOne Chat Pricing Work?

Pricing for LogixOne Chat is simple – you can install our Zoho Marketplace plugin for Free and any of your Zoho CRM users can access it!

You are only charged each time you ‘send’ an outbound message.  Inbound messages are ‘FREE’ and it doesn’t matter what channel you send or receive via.

You can buy credits for messages as detailed above and we will notify you when you need to top-up.

What Channels can I send and receive messages to:

  • WhatsApp Direct (either personal or WhatsApp for Business.)
  • Telegram
  • SMS via Twilio
  • WhatsApp via Twilio Business API

What’s the difference between WhatsApp Direct and WhatsApp via Twilio?

We connect using your WhatsApp number directly. You can use any WhatsApp number.  PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsible to meet the usage requirements of any connected Channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Clearscope Solutions shall not be held accountable for any disconnection by of any service provider and any paid monies are ‘Non-Refundable’. It is therefore important that you adhere to these providers usage guidelines as failure to do so could result in disconnection.

You can also create a Sender account with Twilio and then we connect to that however Twilio uses the WhatsApp business API so there are more rules, you will need to send a template message to initiate a conversation every 24 hours.  In addition Twilio will rate limit the number of messages you send and if you get a certain amount of blocks to your message Twilio will pause the message. You will also have to register the number with Twilio or obtain a Twilio number.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes – we allow you to send the first 100 messages for free.  After that you will need to purchase message credits.

Can I get a refund IF I don’t want to continue?

No – Paid monies are non-refundable.

Is there any Installation cost and how do I install LogixOne Chat Zoho Marketplace extension?

No it is free.  We will help you install the extension and we shall also help you get your requested channels connected for free.  Please email us at [email protected] and we shall respond with an email on how to do this.

How do I obtain a trial and sign up?

Simple email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us by clicking HERE We will then email you with instructions.

Video Demonstrations

Full Product Demo

Automate Message Responses

Receive Customer Orders via WhatsApp


NO. You only need (1) LogixOne Chat licence per Zoho Organisation (CRM)

YES.  You can do this by using the inherent security features within Zoho CRM.

Yes you can!

LogixOne Chat is charged by the amount of ‘Send’ message credits you have purchased, you can send up to the amount of ‘Send’ Messages you have purchased.  You can receive as many inbound messages as you like!

To install LogixOne Chat requires a number of components. Iseka Services is here to help, we will work with you and guide you through the installation process. It typically takes 2 to 3 days to install and configure.

– SMS requires the use of a communications provider called Twilio.  Twilio provides the ability to purchase ‘hosted’ SMS numbers.  Twilio SMS numbers can be purchased across multiple countries.  Once you have purchased an SMS number we can connect LogixOne Chat to it, which then enables you to send and receive SMS messages from within Zoho CRM.  You can also create a ‘WhatsApp’ sender within Twilio and send WhatsApp messages via that.

WhatsApp Direct, Any Personal or WhatsApp for business number

Telegram messages are free of charge and you can connect any new or existing Telegram account to LogixOne Chat.

We currently do not support channels other than SMS (Via Twilio), WhatsApp (Via Twilio or Directly) or Telegram directly.  However we planning on releasing additional chat channels such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct which we are ready for imminent release, followed by WeChat.

LogixOne Chat requires the ability to install custom modules, web tabs and workflows.  In addition LogixOne Chat will utilise some of your allowed Zoho CRM API calls. We recommend the ‘Enterprise’ edition of Zoho CRM such as Zoho One.

Yes – You can use your own Twilio account in that way all SMS and WhatsApp charges are payable by you.

Yes!  You can use Zoho Workflows and automation to create auto-responders.