LogixOne Chat

LogixOne Chat is an advanced communication tool that allows you to send and receive messages to your customers across multiple chat channels directly from within Zoho CRM.

Business need

Being able to chat and communicate with your customers has never been so important but also so challenging. Not only is email becoming less and less utilised as a reliable form of communication, your customers use a wide range of communication platforms from SMS to WhatsApp, FaceBook Messenger, Telegram, etc, etc.

In addition storing messages and the content within them has also never been so important and right now your internal users tend to use their own personal accounts to communicate with customers which means you don’t know what they’re saying and its almost impossible to track and record their conversations.

Instant chat is also a great way to automate messages primarily because its cheap but also messages can be automated to respond to customer inquires which is more efficient and not reliant on employees. Also it can occur 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Direct marketing using email is not working, why because people don’t read it. Customers read messages that have strong reasons to buy but emails are often difficult to embed this sort of information where as instant chats are simpler, customers are not expecting glossy images just the detail.


LogixOne Chatis specifically designed to allow organisations that utilise Zoho CRM to communicate effectively using the myriad of chat channels available on the market today.

Currently the solution Allows for any CRM user to send and receive either SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram messages directly to any CRM Lead or Contact.

Built directly into Zoho CRM LogixOne Communicator enables all of your Zoho CRM users to send and receive messages using a common chant channel account.

The simple ‘instant chat’ interface makes it easy to receive and respond to messages directly from within Zoho CRM and all messages are stored within a custom Zoho CRM module meaning you can easily report any any messages sent or received.

As of now the tool supports, SMS and WhatsApp via a Twilio account and direct connection to Telegram.

Other functionality includes the ability to:

  • Create sophisticated automated workflows to instantly create and send messages via any connected chat channel.
  • Store messages against any Zoho CRM Lead or Contact.
  • Create Leads directly from within the chat tool for unknown numbers.


  • Instantly respond to new customer inquiries via the customer’s desire chat channel.
  • Respond to inbound customer messages quickly using the instant chat feature built directly into Zoho CRM.
  • Ensure all internal users are sending messages via company chat accounts.
  • Store all messages by any chat channel for reporting and historical reference.
  • Connect to multiple chat channels from the one Zoho CRM environment.
  • Create complex automated workflows to reduce the amount of employee interaction.
  • Allow customers to choose which chat channel they wish to be communicated with on.

Integrated Chat Portal

One window for all your chats

  • Quickly respond to any message sent to any connected channel.
  • Filter by message type, CRM message agent, search message sender.
  • Link to message Lead or Contact.
  • Create new CRM ‘Lead’ from unknown messages.
  • Create message templates.

The web based-chat portal is tightly integrated directly into Zoho CRM which means your CRM users don’t need to log into anything else other than Zoho CRM to communicate with your Customers. Doing so lets you control which CRM users are allowed to use the chat function, send and receive messages plus it allows the system to track who sent what at what time. Not to mention leverage the client data that you have stored within your CRM.

The ‘Chat’ portal also consolidates all of the messages into one easy to use window that lets your customer support reps easily and efficiently send and receive messages via any of the connected chat-channels. WhatsApp, SMS and Telegram.

When responding to messages, Agents can select the message channel or simply respond to the inbound message. The handy ‘Template’ feature allows you to create a range of templated responses that can be simply accessed by typing ‘#’ within the chat window, speeding up responses and improving customer satisfaction.

Per Contact Chat

Of course with many companies the shear number of CRM ‘Leads’ and ‘Contacts’ means that sometimes you want to send and receive messages directly from a ‘Contact’ or a “Lead’ record.

This can easily be achieved by navigating to the selected CRM ‘Lead’ or ‘Contact’ and navigating to ‘LogixOne Chats’ under the related list, using the chat tool that’s embedded into each contact record and chatting directly by the Contacts selected channel.

Your Zoho CRM now not only stores contact and lead emails, orders, invoices, meetings, jobs, etc it now stores all WhatsApp, SMS and Telegram chats too. This means that you can quickly open a contact, see previous messages and respond to them storing all of the message data within your CRM.

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