Waste Chute Cleaning Man (WBCM) are the leaders in their industry being the first Bin Cleaning company on the market.  Established in 2003 the company now provides a range of cleaning services to over 1000 different locations around Melbourne, Victoria. WBCM had an urgent requirement of digital transformation and to simplify every part of their cleaning business, removing paper, improving efficiency and visibility.

To the general person, cleaning bins on a regular basis seems simple to manage and organize. However, there are number of issues that stand up in the cleaning process such as, non-emptied bins, traffic conditions and the repetition of the work itself make the daily operations more challenging. A WBCM operator can typically clean hundreds of bins per day across multiple locations, thus making their workforce very mobile.

The company has until recently employed a mixture of spreadsheets, MS Excel and of course paper and clipboards and other IT systems to – schedule, allocate, manage, complete and invoice jobs which has proven very challenging for them in the following manner:
  • Required many hands in daily operations
  • A serious amount of double entry leading to redundancy
  • Reporting became very difficult
  • The time took to complete each transaction were considerable.

With this much paperwork and inefficient processes, WBCM were a perfect candidate to digitally transform their business.

The company undertook an exhaustive study to find a system that would suit the companies objectives of growing their business nationally and begun trialing numerous vendor products and decided to settle on LogixOne as their single Business Management System (BMS). A BMS should aim to cover the following primary components of a business:

  • CRM
    • Sales Management
    • Forecasting
    • Opportunity Management
    • Field Sales App
  • Field Operations
    • Job Scheduling
    • Driver Allocation
    • Customer Location
    • Remote Job Task Detail
    • OH&S Compliance
    • Field Invoicing
  • Centralized Reporting
    • Dashboard Reporting
    • Individual Truck Performance
    • Forecast Reporting
    • Automated Scheduled Reports
    • Predictive Analysis
    • Employee SLA Reporting
  • Communications
    • Email Integration
    • Telephony
    • SMS
    • Automated Responses
  • Human Resources
    • Contract Management
    • Staff Attendance
    • Automated renewal Notices
    • Leave Accounting
    • Payroll “pre” Calculation
  • Finance
    • Financial Control
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Payment Methods
    • Multi-Department P&L Reporting
72% to 96%

Completion Rate

LogixOne has completely transformed our business from a disconnected, paper based one into a fully connected online business that has enabled us to realise efficiency gains in places that we have never have thought of before. We can now view our business on a minute to minute basis rather than a month to month. We have increased revenue by being able to add more invoiceable jobs per customer visit and reduced cost because of massive efficiency gains.

-Paul Mann, Co-owner, WBCM

The adoption of LogixOne into the WBCM has facilitated and removed the need for a number of different IT contractors and systems which has resulted in additional labor and licencing cost reductions. Additionally, the platform being customizable, WBCM has been able to create and adapt additional features providing constant business improvements over time. For example WBCM  are provisioning call centre functionality which enables users to both call and SMS customers from within the system Saving $1,000’s in call costs and improving customer satisfaction.

WBCM LogixOne Environment

Core Components

  • Accounts & Contacts (Customer) Management

  • Job Scheduling & Allocation

  • Job Mapping

  • Field Operator App

  • Reporting & Communication

  • Opportunity Management

  • Business Analytics

  • HR - Employee Management

  • Sales & Marketing

  • OH&S Compliance

LogixOne Modules

The following are few examples of  out of 10 different modules used by WBCM with LogixOne: