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Iseka zMaps Mapping Solution For Zoho CRM!

Map your Zoho CRM events, accounts and contacts.

zMaps connects to your Zoho CRM environment to map your:
User events
Accounts & Contacts by State and Zip Code
You can also access zMaps as a Web-Module right from within Zoho CRM.

filter by event date, event owner & checked-in status

zMaps allows you to filter your field staff events so that you can narrow in on specific field operators as well as filter based on events that have been marked as “check-in” via the Zoho CRM app.

real time field staff location tracking

zMaps allows you to get “real-time” location data from your Zoho CRM users with the addition of our Android or IOS tracking tool.

Zoho CRM App Integration

zMaps integrates perfectly with the Zoho CRM Mobile App allowing users to update event information that is then transferred directly zMaps.  For example when the mobile worker clicks the “Check-in” button within the Zoho CRM app the location pin for that event in zMaps will change color to GREEN and status changes from “Planned” to “Visited” this means that administration staff can get a visual check on which events have been completed.

zMaps Pricing

  • USD 25
  • Discounts for larger numbers
    • Zoho CRM Integration
    • Event Tracking
    • Contacts Mapping
    • Accounts Mapping
  • USD 35
  • Discounts for larger numbers
    • Standard Plus
    • Device Tracking

Iseka zMaps Mapping Solution is Perfect For The Following Companies

zMaps Demonstration

  • Field Sales

  • Cleaning

  • Waste Management

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Maintenance

  • HVAC

  • Logistics

  • Security

  • Medical

  • Food Services

  • Distribution

  • Solar Installations

  • Garden Maintenance

  • Mechanical Repairs

  • Customer Surveying

  • Home Nursing

  • Computer Repair

Try zMaps Live

Step 1

Select a Date

Step 2

Select an Operator or leave ALL

Step 3

Filter by “Checked In” Status

Planned = Not Completed

Visited = Completed

Step 4

Click Apply

Yellow Pins = Planned

Green Pins = Visited

Red Pins = Operator Live Location

Click object for further detail

Iseka zMaps Use Case

WBCM are the leaders in their industry being the first Bin Cleaning company on the market.  Established in  2003 the company now provides a range of clearing services to over 1000 different locations around Melbourne Victoria. WBCM had an urgent requirement to simplify every part of their cleaning business, removing paper, improving efficiency and visibility.

To the general person, cleaning bins on a regular basis seems like an easy task to organise and manage.  Not so. There are numerous issues that arise in the process such as; the repetition,  non-emptied bins and traffic conditions that make day to day operations a real challenge.  The typical WBCM operator can clean literally hundreds of bins per day across multiple locations making for a very mobile workforce force.

The company has until recently employed a mixture of spreadsheets, MS Excel and of course paper and clipboards and other IT systems to; schedule, allocate, manage, complete and invoice jobs which has proven very challenging requiring  many hands and a serious amount of double entry. Reporting is very difficult and the time it takes to complete each transaction is considerable.With this much paperwork and process inefficiencies WBCM were a perfect candidate to digitally transform their business.  So the company worked with Iseka Services to achieve this.  After an extensive search WBCM settled on LogixOne which is based on Zoho CRM.  Given the remote nature of their business and the many locations that their Operators serviced each day there was a need for an integrated mapping solutions so zMaps was leveraged to provide WBCM with this capability.

Job Mapping with zMaps
In the past WBCM basically “hoped” that the daily jobs where being completed to their customer requirements, but how did they know?  This required constant communication between the drivers and operations team and often jobs were missed because of poor communication. Leveraging the Zoho CRM platform WBCM is now able to map daily jobs so that the Operations team can clearly see which jobs are still in progress and which jobs are completed.  They can sort by operator and this information is mapped back to the company dashboard so that the operations team receives a “real time” view of their progress for the day. The mapping solution also maps the actual location of each truck/operator so that WBCM operations team can visualize where each operator is physically located so operators can be dispatched to complete new jobs that are created.  From the “job” pins within the map, the WBCM operations team can link directly to that event or job to get specific job data with ease.
The Result

Trevor Burns, Co – owner stated:

“We knew that we needed to computerise our business, the entire end to end process for completing the daily cleaning jobs was lengthy and required considerable human interaction and a significant amount of wasted time.  We tried a number of other systems in the past, and even looked at building our own but while each was good in one area of our business, none provided a global view of our business. We really wanted something that gave us a holistic view of our business and one that we could adapt to our business process not us adapting to it.

With the use of LogixOne and zMaps we now not only see where are jobs are located which enables us to make much better decisions about resourcing planning but also enables us to consolidate jobs thus reducing wastage, costs such as fuel and labor and of course maintenance costs on our trucks.  With the tracking tool, we can see where our operators are physically located which means we can reschedule or re-allocate jobs on the fly improving customer satisfaction.

zMaps is a tremendous benefit to our business, we are now a digital company and our profitability and ability to execute has improved significantly.”

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