Jims Bins Clifton Springs

Jims Bins of Cliffton Springs is a franchisee of the “Jims Bins” business.  They provide rubbish removal services on the Bellarine for both domestic and commercial businesses.

Iseka was engaged to help move the business from a “paper-based” business to one that was completely electronic.  By leveraging a number of SaaS based applications Jims was able to completley swap out their paper based systems for an Ipad.  Within weeks a booking engine was created with the ability to manage the entire calendaring process of hiring, delivering and retriving bins.  The system takes control of the entire process from customer ordering through to invoicing, there is literally now no paper involved in the process.

Jims was able to remove a considerable amount of wasted effort from their operations and have been able to follow a “enter the information once” methodology.  Jims are now able to utilize the system to make better decisions about how to grow the business as they are able to review historical data with ease, this enables them to reduce cost and improve the service they provide.