360 Now

360 Now specialize in creating 360 and 3D content.  Given the shear number of jobs that 360 Now do on a day to day basis it was paramount that the website be easily updatable to quickly showcase their work.  In response Iseka  Services built a content aware website that will enable 360 Now to not only update their own content but host content for their customers.

The website leverages a number of different Vendor technologies, from Booking engine, to CRM integration, Email, SMS, payment gateways, calendering a state of the art content management system for hosting their portfolio of work.

Client Statement
“360 Now wish to thank Iseka Services for their ongoing support in helping us achieve our success.  Their unique approach to the business outcomes we were looking for was refreshing as was their level of customer satisfaction.  The resulting product they built us will enable us to grow our business from the ground up.  We are also confident that the technologies Iseka choose on our behalf integrate seamlessly and come at a cost that was significantly below our budget.”