Cloud Based Hotel Technology

Let us help you increase your occupancy

Iseka CLOUD BASED Hotel Management Solutions have helped hotels grow at 30% year on year growth by integrating all facets of hotel operations from sales and marketing to guest services.


Your Occupancy

We know that as a hotel owner the key to your success is being able to make decisions effectively about every facet of hotel operations quickly and effectively, whether it be guests bookings, sales and marketing information, room occupancy, employee management, hotel maintenance, guest services, communications, ancillary sales such as restaurant and tour sales even customer success story management having access to live data makes you not only competitive but profitable.

Iseka Services’ approach to any technology implementation is holistic.  We begin by understanding your needs and then helping you choose the building blocks or the disparate technology solutions that will not only function as you need them to but MOST importantly communicate with each other so that you combine all systems into one BUSINESS management system.

Running a successful hotel of any size is a complicated operation and while your core offerings are rooms and beds, Technology must be considered as one of the primary ways to not only manage your business but ensure your guests get the most enjoyment they can have during their stay.

Customer Success Story

La Meli Villas in Ubud and Seminyak Bali have increased their revenue and occupancy by 30 % year on year for the past 2 years.  How?  By adopting a digital transformation strategy with Iseka Services.  By digitally transforming their accommodation business with Iseka Services they were able to increase occupancy, increase revenue and guest satisfaction.  Let us show you how.

LogixOne – Centralized Business Management Platform

LogixOne is like a spreadsheet on steroids.  It is the key component in any successful Business Management System, why? because it centralizes not only all of your hotel data but it can connect to multiple different hotel systems.

LogixOne provides the following functionality:

  1. Sales and Marketing
  2. Customer communications
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Employee Management
  5. Payroll
  6. Hotel Maintenance
  7. Finance and
  8. Reporting